Speech bubbles also known as word balloons, dialogue balloons or speech balloons.

Avazilla’s full css speech balloons are the best way of creating mutual effect on your visitors by leaving a long-lasting impact on their visual memory.

You can customise full css speech bubbles for each page as you like. Avazilla’s speech bubbles and avatars have a high degree of appeal to your web site’s visitors’ visual memory and render your web site more user-friendly. Muted speech balloons do not irritate your web site’s visitors. Unlike live support software Avazilla’s avatars do not require any staffing or overseeing by humans. Innovative online sales and marketing tool with fully customisable, muted speech balloons with reasonable and affordable prices.

It is very easy to use Avazilla;

1- Choose your avatar suits your business

2- Add css speech bubbles for your web pages.

3- See the impact of your cartoon.

That’s it! Your avatars will tirelessly work around the clock without demanding any salary from you. They are always at your disposal to boost your sales.

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