Avazilla Virtual Agent is definitely not a chatbot;

it is beyond and far ahead of dummy chatbots.

A chat bot would assist your visitor only upon the visitor’s decision and initiative to consult the chat bot. At that stage, such a visitor is one that is already interested in what you offer. A chat bot will not incite interest in the case of an indifferent visitor. Unlike a chat bot, Avazilla helps turn an indifferent visitor to one that is interested in what you offer.

A chat bot alone will not decrease your website’s bounce rate and it cannot increase your website’s conversion rate on its own. Your Avazilla virtual agent, on the other hand, launches itself on its own and with its appearance that appeals directly to human senses and with the relevant message that it delivers to the visitor in congruence with the content of that particular page, it decreases your website’s bounce rate and increases the conversion rate.

Chatbots are unable to offer even the Artifical Intelligence(AI) solutions that it claims to be built on. While chatbot systems falsely claim to be based on AI and more often than not provide irrelevant answers to visitors’ queries, Avazilla virtual agent conveys to the visitors the relevant messages that you pre-define. As such, the effect of Avazilla is highly superior to that of chat bots, as it is your Real Intelligence that is behind the success of Avazilla.

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